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Q. Why should I hire you and not some company like SoundBetter, ItyDity, Musicbed or SoundPros?


A. The simple answer is the format. Working with me is a one-on-one personalized experience, quality vs. quantity. There is no intermediary, and I only take on a limited number of projects a month, allowing me to remain focused on nurturing new talent. You will have direct access to me at all times and no waiting days in between contact. You're not just another number, and your success is my success. 


Q. Can you work with my budget?


A. Yes, I realize that everyone has different needs, and I will do my best to accommodate your budget within reason. We can discuss your goals and develop a plan to achieve them without sacrificing the quality of the product.


Q. But I know this person with a computer and a DAW who said they will produce, mix and master my song for $50. Why shouldn't I use them?


A. I hate to use the cliché, "You get what you pay for." But in this case, it is true. Many people with a computer and a small bedroom "studio" consider themselves "producers." Producer and engineer are words used too loosely these days, and it has taken a significant toll on the quality of work and the entire music industry. I have been working on music for over 20 years and have honed my craft, and I firmly believe in letting my work speak for itself. Be sure to listen to the samples on the website. You might not find the exact genre you are aiming at, but you will get a good sense of the quality I turn out. I love a challenge and can't wait to turn the musical vision in your head into a reality!


Q. What separates you from the rest?


A. I take great pride in my work, and I am a perfectionist. Every project is personal, and I consider the final product to reflect who I am as a professional. When your song gets released, it also has my name attached. My reputation rides on this, as does my potential for future business. I will not stop until you are ecstatic with your music. 


Q. How much involvement will you have in my sound?


A. I will have as much or as little as you want. We will work as a team. If you have a solid vision, I will follow your lead. If you only have a rough sketch idea for your song, we will flesh it out and turn it into a full-blow beautiful arrangement. 


Q. Can you help me get my music online?


A. Yes! I will make sure that your music gets delivered to all the streaming platforms in the proper format. I will also follow your journey as an artist once everything goes live. You have a life-long musical partner in me! 


Q. Can I work with you in person to record my vocals, guitar, or keyboard?


A. Yes! I have a perfect studio setup to work with solo artists and singer-songwriter types. My room has a phenomenal set of tools and different vocal chains to suit any vocalist, guitarist, or keyboardist who wants to track.


Q. Can you help me write a song if all I do is write lyrics and sing?


A. Yes! I am a full instrumentalist. We can collaborate to take your ideas and flesh them out into a complete song. 


Q. What genres do you work in?


A. I am a music connoisseur. I love all music! And although I specialize mainly in electronic styles like pop, EDM, synth-pop, synth-wave, and electronica, I also work with solo artists, singer-songwriters, rock, metal, rap, hip-hop, R&B, country, folk, and blues. So the answer to the question is, all of them!


Q. How soon can I get started?


A. Immediately! Click on the chat bubble at the bottom of the page, and let's get going!

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